[Red Noses] Javier's Couch Surfing Potluck party

Today I went to a Couch Surfing party. It had been a while since the last time, I forgot how much I like being in a room where there are discussions in at least 5 different languages! I talked a bit of French, English, Spanish, and even Russian :)

I had brought some rice salad, some juice, and some "creme patissiere" in biscuits mold, which disappeared in a matter of minutes:

I took many pictures, and several people asked me where they could get it back: I put a selection here, if you don't see yourself there, contact me by email (with a picture of yourself, so that I know who I am talking to), and I will send your pictures to you.

Here are some group pictures:

Here are some portraits:

It seems that I managed to "contaminate" quite a few with the red noses :)

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