Learning how to draw: Chibis

One of the personal objective of my sabbatical was to learn new skills, and my desire seems to have converged toward some drawing skills, in this case "Chibis". My first draft is crude but I hope to improve with practice!

I was hoping to use my tablet PCs Lenovo to draw my comics, but I feel more comfortable with a pencil and some paper, and I might be spending too much time on the computer already, so for now I will stay analogical. I might try to learn how to use Inkscape in order to color the drawings though.


Wood Spoons

I did another set of wood spoon for a friend. I hope she will use it for cooking, and not put it on the wall!

Change the Rules, be Revolutionary!

If you want the RAINBOW, accept the RAIN!

FUN is another word for LEARNING

Think and Act Different: be an ICONOCLAST

I repeated this one to offer to some friends in Paris:

I like the idea of useful things holding a philosophical/esthetic value. I like to think that people who will be using those spoons, choosing one at random in a drawer, will sometime pause to think about what is written on it. I like the idea that those will be broken at some time, and that I will be asked if I could renew the stock!!!


Salutations from France

Salutations from France!

I am doing well, learning DVORAK touch typing, learning how to draw chibis, doing pure research and rewriting better old things.


Even clowns go to funerals

Parmi divers exercices de dessin en perspective, ce clown est apparu tout naturellement sous mon crayon avec un pot de fleur dans les mains, accompagné de la pensée incongrue que "Les clowns aussi vont aux enterrements". Je n'ai pas connaissance d'un décès proche qui aurait put m'inspirer l'idée, c'était juste une pensée aléatoire (un peu morbide) qui m'a fait garder le dessin même si je n'en suis pas si content que ça. Alberto et Ivan Navarette, de la "Place des Armes" de Santiago du Chili, ont choisi ce dessin parmi d'autres pour l'adapter en cuivre. J'aime bien le résultat, peut-être qu'on devrait le montrer a mes funérailles pour rappeler à ceux venu me donner "un dernier hommage" que "la vie est une blague: il faut la prendre avec humour!". :) Doing some drawing exercises in perspectives, the clown with flowers appeared under my pencil, as by magic, with the thought that "even clowns go to funerals". Nobody close to me had died recently (nor did anybody close to me died soon after that!), it was just a random thought which made me keep the drawing even though I am not so proud of it. Alberto and Ivan Navarette, from the "Plaza de Armas" in Santiago of Chile, chose this drawing among several others, to adapt it in copper. I like the result, I think it would be nice to show such a frame at my funerals, to remind people that "Life is a Joke: take it with a laugh!". :)