Art Exhibition

I put some of my art on display... at my office B-)

I just didn't know where to out it while I will be away for 6 months...


If airplanes were managed as websites...

Si les avions se geraient comme des sites ouaib.... Je ne volerai pas avec Air France! If airplanes were managed as websites... I would not fly with AirFrance! Si los aviones se manejaban como sitios web... No volaría con Air France!

38+38=(....) 38!!!
(Mais ils m'ont facturé le montant correct) (They did charge the correct amount in the bill) (La boleta final da el precio correcto)

Le site Allemano-Chilien d'une companie Française! Qui a dit que le ouaib était Anglais? The German-Chilean website of a French company! Who said that the web was English? El Alemana-Chileno sitio de una empresa Francesa! Quien dijo que el Internet era Inglés?


Canadian Driving License!

I received my renewed Canadian Driving License!!!
Now to exchange it in France for a life-long French one.

(I removed the picture as someone in Canada tried to buy a car using this picture as an ID...)