[Art] Penguin and Moais

Some penguinos and Moais from years ago:
Moais Penguinos Penguinos
Un penguin : estudioPenguino Contro O XML
Pingouin cuisinierCaricatura de chica en penguina Penguinos

[Perso] 100 000 years

I am 100 000 years old
The world is upside down.
"Our North is your South"
The sky is full of blood
Life goes on
Jeremy, Pablo and his glass


[Art] Plaza de Armas

Seance de Travail
La place des armes est l'équivalent Chilien de Montmartre, où une pléthore d'artistes exposent et vendent leurs peintures et autres oeuvres d'art. J'y vais souvent et m'y suis fait un ami, Alberto, qui réalise et vend des gravures de cuivre: j'en ai acheté deux pour mon bureau: La Plaza de Armas es el equivalent en Chile de la plaza Montmartre en Francia, donde muchos artistas hacen y venden peinturas y otras formas de arte. Fue aqui muchas veces, y tengo un amigo que se llama Alberto y hace y vende ricas pressaduras de cobre: compre dos para mi officina: The "Plaza de Armas" is the Chilean equivalent of the French "Montmartre", where many artists show and sell their paintings and other forms of art. I go there often and got myself a friend named Alberto, who makes and sells some nice copper etchings: I bought myself two last month for my office:
My officeAztec calendar in my officeMaya calendar in my office
Alberto m'avait invite a le rejoindre un Dimanche matin pour qu'il me montre sa technique, et je lui avais propose de lui montrer comment graver les verres: c'est ce qu'on a fait hier. J'ai passe la plus grande partie de la journer a travailler et discuter avec lui et d'autres artistes, il faisait beau (c'est l'hiver ici), c'etait definitivement une des meilleurs journees que j'ai passe au Chili jusqu'ici :D Alberto me he invitado para un domingo en la manana, para que el me monstra su tecnica, y yo he proposado de le monstrar como tallar vasos: es que hacemos ayer. Estaba quasi todo el dia trabajando y hablando con el y algunos otros artistas, el tiempo estaba caliente, fue definitivamente un de mi mejores dias en Chile :D Alberto had invited me to join him a Sunday morning so that he could show me his technique, and I had offered to show him how to etch glasses: we did just that yesterday. I spent most of the day working and chatting with him and some other artists, the sun was warm (it's winter here), it was definitively one of the best days I spent in Chile till now :D
Alberto trabajando.Penguino ArtistoJeremy au travail.
Alberto a grave une petite plaquette de verre, et je lui ai grave un verre avec une carricature de pingouin artiste et fumeur :) Alberto he tallado una pequena tarjeta de visita, y yo talle para el un vaso con una caricatura de penguino artista y fumando :) Alberto etched a small business card, and I etched for him a glass with a carricature of penguin artist and smoking :)
Little Pause
Mon espagnol a bien progresse: le premiere fois que je l'ai rencontre je ne comprenai presque rien, mais maintenant on arrive a avoir des discussions sur a peu pres tout, de l'economie du Chile a la philosophie de la vie d'artiste en passant par el Che ;) Mi espanol es mucho mejor ahora: la primera vez que yo able con Alberto yo entendi quasi nada, ahora puedemos tener conversaciones sobre quasi todo, de la economia de Chile a la philosophia de la vida de artista, incluido sobre el Che ;) My Spanish is much better now: first time I met Alberto I could not understand most of what he was saying, now we can have discussions about almost everything, from Chilean economy to the philosophy of life of artists, including some remarks on "El Che" ;)
Alberto with his glasses and his copper impressions.
J'y retournerai! Volvere! I'll be back!


[Chile] Allende | Recruits

Last WE was memorial day in Santiago, during which many official places were open for the public to visit, and many museums were free. Hence I woke up early on Sunday morning to be among the first ones in queue at 8:30 to visit "La Moneda", the government palace.
Ministerio del Interior
The most notable part was the ministry of interior. There stood two real paintings of the balcony of the palace, one from before September 11 1973 with the president Allende standing, one from after the bombing by the US and the supposed suicide of Allende. I guess the idea is to remind the government to protect the country against another similar attack.
From there I went to visit some other museums, and in particular a museum of war. It was quite complete, with highlights from the US about Vietnam, and from first and second world war in Europe. What amazed me the most were the army people lending weapons to children, toys but truly realistic, and teaching them how to use them. Again, I found myself guessing that it's for recruiting, although it could just be to keep the children busy while the parent visit the museum ;)
Young RecruitsYoung RecruitsYoung Recruits
Young RecruitsYoung Recruits