[Travel] I am going on a trip to US/Canada!

I am leaving today for a long trip. Time to post this old picture of the moon over Santiago!

I had a few minor last minute emergencies, I am so proud that I dealt with them calmly and efficiently!

An acceptation to a journal arrived, which needed some minor corrections within the next month, when I will be away for all that time: I did it in a few hours.

I was announced 142 students registered to my workshop of Android programming, when I was expecting 30 with a limit of 60: it took only a few conversations and emails to change it to 3 modules of 40 people, which will still insure some selection but not reject more than half the people interested!

I discovered that I needed to give a remedial exam to one single student! I composed the exam using my super database of solved problems in 30mns, the student will take it this morning 9:00-12:00, I will mark it 13:00-14:00, go home, check my luggage 15:00-16:00 and jump in the cab at 16:00 to go to the airport.

Not quite Indiana Jones, yet the adventurous academic life!


Macacos, Part 1

Hier j'ai ete au refuge pour singes maltraités, Macacos, que je parraine. J'ai beaucoup aimé, j'y retournerai! Yesterday I went to a center of rescue for monkeys who were maltreated, Macacos, as a "godfather" of the association. It was great, I will come back!
Ayer fue al centro de rescate para monos maltratados, Macacos, que apadrino. Me encanto, volvere!

J'aimerai y amener des enfants, pour qu'ils se rendent compte peut-etre que la limite entre bête et personne est artificielle et floue, qu'ils voient des singes qui ressemblent a de petits oiseaux et d'autres qui ressemblent a des hommes poilus parlant un étrange language. I would like to bring there some children, for them to realize, maybe, that the fronteer between beast and person is artificial and vague, so that they can see some monkeys who look like birds and some who look like men speaking a strange language. Me gustaria traer aqua niños, para que se dan cuenta, quizas, que la frontera entre bestia y persona es artificial y vague, para que ven monos que parecen a aves y monos que parecen a hombres peludos hablando en un idioma raro.


Skiing in Chile

I went skiing for the first time in Chile, after 4 years living in Chile. I had not gone to the snow for more than 5 years, and did not ski for some 10 years (I went snow boarding while in Canada), so I was a bit worried but I did more than fine: I guess that one does not forget this kind of thing, and that snowboarding, unicycling, rollerblading and the like do help! I took some red tracks without fuss, and given more time I would have tried one of the black ones.

At the end I got stuck at a lower point than where the car was parked, after the machines stopped. A snowbike came to fetch an attendant and, seeing me stranded, came back empty to fetch me, so I got to ride a snow bike for the very first time!

I spent a delightful day, thanks to Flora for inviting me!


36 ans!

Pour le dernier cours les étudiants avec qui j'enseigne le module d'animation 3D m'ont fait une surprise: ils m'ont offert un gigantesque gateau d'anniversaire! For the last class the students with whom I teach the 3D animation module made me a suprise: they had ordered a gigantic birthday cake! Para el ultimo curso los alumnos con quien enseño el modulo de animacion 3D me hicieron una sorpresa: me regalaron una torta de cumpleaños gigante!

Les étudiants ont gagnés leurs verres gravés et les auxiliaires ont reçu leurs dictaphone pour s'organiser :) The students won etched glasses and the TAs got voice-recorders, to get organized :) Los alumnos gañaron sus vasos tallados, y los auxiliares recibieron dictaphonos para organizarse :)

Merci a tous, c'était un anniversaire très réussi! Thanks to all, it was a wonderfull anniversary! Gracias a todos, fue un muy bueno aniversario!