[Metal Mugs] Jacques and Marilu

I felt very very down,
so I made two mugs,
to bring to my friends Jacques and Marilu in Algarrobo next time I visit them:


[Circus] Plank

I have been learning how to stay in balance on a plank lately:


[Tee-shirt ] Dragon Clown

I was feeling a bit low, so I painted a Tee-shirt :

It was the occasion to test my homemade, portable, light table:

With it, I can copy more easily a paper drawing on another paper or on a Tee-shirt...


[Circus] Miguel on Zancos

Blues, Stress or Smog (this morning I can't see more than 100m from my window, my eyes and nose are burning), I was feeling particularly low on energy this weekend.

I don't regret going to run/hash on Saturday, and to the Circus activity in the park nearby: in particular, Miguel raised my mood with his magic pants and stilts :)

While running, I saw a promotion in a coffee exclusively aimed at cyclists: all is not lost in Santiago!


(Tee-shirt) Jacques and Marilu

I spent the weekend with Jacques and Marilu at their house in Algarrobo, near the sea. I ate a lot, ran every day, read and conversed a lot about pedagogy and psychology with Jacques, and I painted for each of them a shirt and a hat:

I also cooked a bit:

And Marilu tested the paints on a shirt of her own, based on a drawing by Jacques:

It was a very nice long weekend!