[Photo] Mame Clown

My grand-mother is 89, her knee hurts and she has trouble walking alone, but she still has a great sense of humor!


[Wood Spoon] Dr Who Quotes

Some DrWho themed wood spoons for my good friend Sylvain!

[Wood Spoons] Wordy Wood Spoons for Evelyne and Mame

Some hand-etched wood spoons for my mother and for my grand mother, special order:

[Travel] Clowning in Lucey

[Sport] Running in Nancy

I went running with Caramel, the dog of a friend, it was very nice (even though I never found the bakery I was looking for)!


[Tee-shirt] Clown with Red-Orange Hair

My grandmother painted this on a tee-shirt a long time ago, from a calendar of paintings by disabled people. Now she doesn't paint anymore and the tee-shirt is used, so I restored the painting in order to have it framed, and to offer it back to my grandmother.

I hesitated to add her initials (MLF) as a signature but decided not to: I think that she never considered herself to be a "real" artist and as such never really signed her crafts and paints (such as cakes, painted eggshells, Kirigami cards, etc...)

The shop will take a month to frame it so she will receive it after I am gone back to Chile, but I hope that she will be showing off this to her friends with pride: she is a real artist in my book...


[Tee-shirt] Bon Anniversaire Jean-Pierre !

Here is a shirt that I made for the 75th birthday of my uncle Jean-Pierre.

Following the suggestion from @PhilippeBarbay, I drew his caricature on a background of pavements (he worked in construction all his life) and asked everybody to choose one stone and one colour to sign their name.


[Thought] I see clown faces

I see clown faces. Walking around like regular people. They don't see each other. They only see what they want to see. They don't know they're clowns. I see them all the time. They're everywhere. I hear the music of their movie in my head. (wink wink to some movie I liked).