TNT and Red Hat

A TNT with a Red Hat drew itself under my pen when sending a postcard to a very good friend of mine...

I found it on the fridge when I visited ;)


TNT "Yeux Rsaire"!

I did a postcard for the birthday of a sibling:


TNT has something to say

I drew several TNTs with blank panels, which can be filled with any messages.
The idea is for me to use it as illustration of each chapter of my thesis/book:

But also for other people to be able to use them for other purpose:

Do not hesitate to ask me for the inked version if you want to use it!


Jason Mraz's concert

I went to Jason Mraz's concert and took a few good pictures:


2 Lemon Pies for 2 BD girls

Sunday was Birthday Lemon Pie Day:

And on public demand, the recipe:


Head thinking of planes

I am preparing my trips for Dec-Jan-February....


Ceviche night

Friday was Ceviche night:

I brought my hat and took some nice pictures of couples:


Camping in Morado

I went camping close to some water falls. I took some videos with my video-sun-glasses:

I did not share the other videos for lack of the permission of the people figuring in them.
If you are one of them and want the videos, contact me!


TNT Mug: Worrying does not take away today's trouble

I made myself a mug to remind me of something I told my mom last time I visited in France:


Doctor Who 50th anniversary

I went religiously to the cinema yesterday to see the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who, and liked it.
And today I went to a gathering of Doctor Who fans in Santiago, and took some nice pictures: