[Event] Cena Vegana Navideña 2015

This year for Christmas, I helped to cook more than 200 vegan meals (pasteles de papas, jugos, ensaladas) with a bunch of amazingly fantasticaly sympatical people.
We even got a note in the local newspaper!


[Red Noses] Crepe Party with Carolina, Loreto and Miguel

Yesterday I received Carolina, Loreto and Miguel for a crepe party:

We had a lot of fun!


[Photos] Final of ONG Artes para la Vida

Yesterday was the final of a taller from the ONG "Artes para la Vida" (Art for Life) at the circus tent where I have been helping a bit.

The event starting with a short discourse from Geraldine, the Physical Education professor who directs the children:

It was followed by a longer discourse from Juan-Francisco, the "manager" of the tent, who highlighted how long he has been doing that and how his former students come back to help him:

The room was full, with all the parents and many friends of the circus attending:

The numbers spanned a large variety of circus arts,

buggy jumpy:

Hand to Hand:

Rola Bola:



The final, with Nayalin raising to the sky as a resurrected Tinker Bell, was the culmination of the show:

The lights and music were amazing up to the final salute, congratulations to the team of sound and light technicians:

It was an amazing show. My apologies to the participants if I was a bit lethargic: they know that it was a long day and I think I got some sunstroke during the day :/


[Photos] Mike's House Warming

Mike and Brooke had a nice house warming party. I took some pictures.

Mike knows how to hula hoop while drinking beer, which is very cool:

People seemed had this red nose thingy going on:

And I got some nice pictures with the hats I brought for the occasion:

Thanks for the party Mike!


[Photo] Last day of class

Taking tea on my last day of class, in the mug offered to me by my Mexican students from TUApp :)


[PostCard] Hold Tight

I am a bit worried for a friend: the last time I was in touch with her she seemed to be on an emotional roller coaster, and several weeks after that she does not answer when I try to contact her. I am always afraid to intrude in the private life of others (and hers above all), but I thought that making her this postcard would encourage her to "hold tight".


[Sport] Short run in Marine Air

I ran two mornings out of three here at the beach house, and I hardly believe how good I feel after running, especially as opposed to how bad I often feel after running in the city! 


[Postcard] Salutations from El Quisco

I helped a friend to move his furniture around, and enjoy in return some nice evenings to the sound of the waves (and of his 11 dogs barking as people pass on the path below). Happy Weekend everyone!


[Photos] Rosées du matin

Fue a correr en la mañana,
Pense que estas flores te gustaran,
Pero no me gusta cortarlas,
Asi que las tome en foto no más.

I went running this morning
I thought you would like those flowers
But I felt bad about cutting
so I just took those pictures.

J'ai été courir ce matin
J'ai pensé que tu aimerais ces fleurs
Mais comme je ne voulais pas les couper,
je les ai juste photographiées.