[THOUGHT] We should teach the myths from various human religious around the world to our children.

We should teach the myths from various human religious around the world to our children. It would fit in history class, as an anthropology class about primitive cultures.

The first humans were afraid and told themselves stories about where they were coming from, and where they were going, and why they were here on earth, and about how they should behave. It is natural, and similar to how children in kindergarten invent beautiful stories and rules about the world, and refine them out of experience or reactions from other children and adults.

Even though some stories and religions give a better moral compass than others, teachers do not need to express any judgement against or in favor of any religion: the students can discuss between themselves if they would rather live in a world where "an eye for an eye, a teeth for a teeth" is a valid way to interact or rather in a world where universal peace is the final objective.

By comparing past religions and beliefs, the children will learn about humanity, and be better prepared to modern beliefs, from religious ones as Judaism, Christianity and Islam, to political ones, such as Capitalism, Communism and Anarchism. They will grow up to be better humans, who will be more adept at discerning the truth from the storied invented out of fear or self-justification.


[Cooking] Bug Soup

I was sick last night, so I did not even touch the soup that I had prepared. I froze it in some bug molds and I have some "bug soup" ready for later!


[WoodBurning] Spoons for the Circus

In the last months, I have regularly been going to a Circus activity on Sundays.
The way I say it, it always makes me think a bit about how other people go to Church on Sundays :)
I probably go for similar reasons: to socialize, to go out, to have a special day, to listen to some music, to meditate.
They have a kitchen there. Their service will be more "Circus-y" after tomorrow :)


[Cooking] Roti Orlof

I made a roti Orlof for my neighbour Gloria:

She brought her niece, and I taught them both how to etch glasses. 


[quote] Vincent van Gogh on idling

"There are idlers and idlers, who form a contrast.

There’s the one who’s an idler through laziness and weakness of character, through the baseness of his nature… Then there’s the other idler, the idler truly despite himself, who is gnawed inwardly by a great desire for action, who does nothing because he finds it impossible to do anything since he’s imprisoned in something, so to speak, because he doesn’t have what he would need to be productive, because the inevitability of circumstances is reducing him to this point. Such a person doesn’t’ always know himself what he could do, but he feels by instinct, I’m good for something, even so! I feel I have a raison d’être! I know that I could be a quite different man! For what then could I be of use, for what could I serve! There’s something within me, so what is it! That’s an entirely different idler."