Telethon in Stilts

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Impacto Extremo Chile
A few weeks ago I participated to an promotional events for the telethon -- in stilts -- with the awesome team of "Impacto Extremo Chile". It was a lot of fun, thousand of thanks to Daniela for "babysitting" me and carrying around all my things around: I think I will owe her a lot of babysitting in return ;)
Jeremy le clown (en echasses)Jeremy le clown (en echasses)
After the event, I finally got to see my old friend Alberto after his operation. He looks awesome now (he even started so smoke agan: baaah!) and is full of new artistic projects. I showed him some of mine (will blog about it when I will have offered them), introduced him to Daniela, learned from the painters about Sarkozy's latest (I follow better the news now). I spent an excellent afternoon!