Sushi night with Alberto

Hier nous avons recu quelques amis pour manger des sushi faits maison. Yesterday we had some friends over for a sushi night. Ayer recibimos alguno amigos para una noche de sushi caseros!

Tout le monde a bien profité! Everybody had fun! Todos se diviertiron!


"The Wall", by Roger Waters

Last Friday I went to the concert "The Wall by Roger Waters" with three friends: we were blown. Two of my friends had never seen the movie and they liked it too. It is a completely new show, building up and deepening the themes of the original. The set is huge, with many effects for your distractions, and the music is at once true to the original and revisiting it in interesting ways.

The original version was already about rebellion against authority, but this new version revisits and extends the notion, pushing against extremism of all kinds, let it be religious (Christian crosses join Islamic crescents and Jewish stars) or economic (logos of companies such as Mercedes, Shell, etc..), against submission, against surveillance. Roger Water talked about the conflicts in Chile, expressing his support for the rebellion, and during the intermission, pictures and short biographies of hundreds of martyrs were displayed, from Gandhi to Allende and other less known from Columbia, Iran and other countries.

I won't tell you more so that I don't spoil the pleasure of being surprised by Roger Water's many tricks: just go if you get the chance!

Dragon on Wood

Il y a de cela plusieurs années, ma grand-mère maternelle a peint ce dragon sur un teeshirt pour moi. Les années passant, le tissu s'est usé et est devenu trop fin pour le porter, je l'ai fait encadrer et il décore maintenant mon appartement. Many years ago, my maternal grandmother painted this dragon on a teeshirt for me. As it got old and the fabric got too thin to wear it, I had it framed and it now decorates my apartment.

En retour, j'ai pyrogravé ma propre version du dragon sur une planche à découper en bois, et l'ai offerte à ma grand-mère en Décembre à Noël. C'était à l'origine prévu pour son anniversaire en Septembre! In return, I burned my own version of this dragon on a cutting board in wood, and offered it to my grand mother for Christmas 2012. It was supposed to be her Birthday present in September 2011!!!!

Le dragon a 7 queues, le feu central a 5 grandes flammes, et j'ai dessiné ses bras de manières plus humaine et ses queues (remplacant les "pattes" dans le dessin original) comme si c'était un humain récemment transformé en Dragon. The dragon has 7 tails, the central fire has 5 big flames, and I drew the arms in a more human way, and its tails (replacing the two legs in the original drawing) as if it was a human, recently trandformed in a Dragon.