Carricature of JyBy on Unicycle (in copper)

In 2008, I had some caricature of myself drawn by Claudio, an artist from the "Plaza de Armas" in Santiago of Chile. 4 years later, Claudio's neighbours, Alberto and Ivan Navarette, adapted his caricature in copper! The caricature feature several traits that I was showing at the time at the Plaza (I came several time unicycling or with some juggling stuff, dressed in rainbow colours and Claudio knows that I like dragons) and of Santiago, with the Andes in the background, and the high towers of Santiago. I love the caricature and its copper adaptation!


Carricatures of Moai in copper

I am rarely marked by a place that I visit only for a few days or week: what I like the most in traveling is getting to know the people, and this is more likely to happen when you stay longer. One exception was Easter Island, where I stayed only 10 days but to which I regularly think back (the other exception, now that I think about it, is Chad, where I stayed 14 days). When I was there I obviously had to draw the Moais, and I tried to caricature them, inspired by the drawings from Renzo Antonio Giovanni Pecchenino Raggi, a Chilean (born Italian) artist better known under his pseudonym of Lukas. Alberto and Ivan Navarette, two copper artists from the "Plaza de Armas", in Santiago of Chile, now adapted my various drawings into a copper frame. I tried to convince them that they could sell them to tourists on their way to or from Easter Island, but they are not convinced, they prefer some of my other drawings... I am proud nevertheless :)


Prisoner in the Eye, in a Bottle, in a Copper Frame

J'ai dessiné il y a longtemps le visage d'un clown, dans l'œil duquel apparait un prisonnier. Le dessin m'en a inspiré un autre plus tard, celui d'une bouteille jetée à la mer, contenant ce dessin. Maintenant, Alberto et Ivan Navarette, les artistes du cuivre de la place des armes de Santiago du Chili, ont été une étape plus loin dans la récursion, et ont adapté ce dernier dessin maritime en le fixant dans un cadre en cuivre. Je l'aime beaucoup! I drew a long time ago the face of a clown, with a prisoner hidden in the eye. This inspired later a drawing of a bottle lost at sea, with this drawing inside of it. Now, Alberto and Ivan Navarette, the copper artists from the "Plaza de Armas" in Santiago of Chile, went one step further in the recursion, fixing the representation of the bottle in a copper frame. I love it!


Dragon and Dancer in Copper

J'ai fait faire ce cadre en cuivre par Alberto et Ivan Navarette, de la place des armes à Santiago du Chili, pour mes chers amis Mirabelle, Michelle et Julien Sebot. Le dessin est inspire d'une photo que Julien a pris de Michelle, dansant devant des fontaines. Le dragon à gauche est en forme de J, l'initiale de Julien, quand les oiseaux sur la droite sont en forme de M, l'initialle de Michelle (et Mirabelle, mais elle n'était pas encore née quand j'ai conçu le dessin!), et divers autres details du dessin font référence aux occupations de chacun, tel qu'un gnome parachutiste (jeux de rôles et parachutisme de Julien) et les livres (Michelle lit beaucoup!). Pour leur mariage ils avaient reçu le dessin sur verre, bois et sur une tasse en metal, maintenant ils auront le cadre en cuivre :) I had done this copper by Alberto and Ivan Navarette, from the "Plaza de Armas" in Santiago, Chile, for my dear friends Mirabelle, Michelle and Julien Sebot. The drawing is inspired from a picture that Julien took of Michelle, dancing in front of some waterworks. The dragon on the left is in shape of a J, the initial of Julien, while the birds on the right are forming the shape of an M, the initial of Michelle (and Mirabelle, but she was not born at the time), and various other details of the drawing refer to corresponding parts of their life, such as a gnome jumping from a plane (some roleplaying and sky diving from Julien) and the books (Michelle is an avid reader!). For their wedding they got the drawing on glass, wood and metal mug, now they will have it framed in copper :)