Carricatures of Moai in copper

I am rarely marked by a place that I visit only for a few days or week: what I like the most in traveling is getting to know the people, and this is more likely to happen when you stay longer. One exception was Easter Island, where I stayed only 10 days but to which I regularly think back (the other exception, now that I think about it, is Chad, where I stayed 14 days). When I was there I obviously had to draw the Moais, and I tried to caricature them, inspired by the drawings from Renzo Antonio Giovanni Pecchenino Raggi, a Chilean (born Italian) artist better known under his pseudonym of Lukas. Alberto and Ivan Navarette, two copper artists from the "Plaza de Armas", in Santiago of Chile, now adapted my various drawings into a copper frame. I tried to convince them that they could sell them to tourists on their way to or from Easter Island, but they are not convinced, they prefer some of my other drawings... I am proud nevertheless :)

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