[Fun] Clarinette on Rola Bola

I have been practicing a show where I play the clarinette on the Rola Bola.
I won't publish till ready, but here you can see some practice with another tune.
Thanks to A. for the filming and the laughing ;)


[Red Noses] Suspicions of an Epidemy in Santiago, Chile

Specialists say that "the existing information about the infection vector is confusing at best, since there seemed to be both local and foreign components in the infection".

The officials are praying that this won't go viral: "Chile is a very small country: even if such an epidemy touches only one person in, let's say, five, it could very well bring a genuine smile to the remaining 80%, and that would really be the end of Chile as we know it!".

We will keep our readers updated as the situation evolves.