Despedida de Diego y Lucia

Diego and Lucia leave today for Spain, before going to Waterloo for almost one year (Whichever friend from Waterloo who reads this, take care of them, they are very nice!). We had a party or two for their departure, it was nice, I was even the only one to dance with Lucia (or to dance at all for that matter!), and we had a lot of fun. Marcelo left last month for a position in Buenos Aires, Travis is leaving in two months for Finland, my bubble universe in Santiago will have shrinked by a factor of two!

I will return to the yoga temple nearby in August, and see to take Spanish classes: socializing was always natural to me, but it cannot hurt to give it a little help :)


Manure and Friends

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Orange Tree
I visited some streets within a 15mns radius from work, thinking about moving there. I liked the street "Club Hipico", stuck between the horse race stadium and a parc, which gives a feeling of Nature with a big N, only emphasized by the delicate smell of horse manure :)
Suhi Music Party
We had a sushi-music party yesterday, after going to the cinema for "Prince of Persia". There was some crepes planned also, but we had too much food, we ate the crepe for Breakfast instead :) The usual ratio of people: 2 Chileans and 4 foreigners, official language oscillating between English, Spanish and some French and Turkish. Cathy and I played the clarinet, some learned the concertino and the percussions, and I introduced Alberto to "Frets on Fire", the "Guitar Hero" clone on which I worked a bit one year ago. I need to recover my digital guitar!