Learning to Draw: TNT as a sorceress!

A Chilean friend got upset when I called her a "sorceress". I had to show her what I meant by that. She liked the title better after seeing this drawing :)
As before, I put the intermediate drafts below for if someone wants to ink or colour an intermediate version. You should feel free to reuse my work and to improve it, just let me know and drop my name somewhere!


Learning to draw: the right portrait!

I am so proud: I finally managed to reproduced the portrait from my beginnings with this character. I must remember: the head is squared, and the eyes are neither too close nor too far.


Learning to Draw: TNT sending a kiss

All the steps, from the first sketch to the final drawing colored: I am quite happy with my work! The intermediate stages might be usefull if someone wants to try to color it themselves, as I am not too proud of my coloring skills. Now that I think about it, one could even try to ink the drawing digitally. Feel free to reuse my drawings, just let me know (and eventually mention my name when you show your work)!


Learning to draw: Jumping!

I try to draw distinct positions, I would like to be able to include this character in a comic someday. But I still need to work on being able to reproduce the same face consistently!


Learning to Draw: Another portrait

I tried myself at another portrait, I like the result but it does not look like the first!

TCS Chocolate Mousse

J'utilise comme exemple d'algorithme la recette de la mousse au chocolat, traduisant dans ce contexte toutes les questions que l'on peut poser a propos d'un algorithme. Il fallait bien que je prenne des photos de la recette pour illustrer! I am using as an example of algorithm the recipe of the chocolate mousse, translating to this context all the questions that can be asked about an algorithm. I had to take pictures of the recipe as illustration! Uso como ejemplo de algoritmo la recieta de mouse de chocolate, traduciendo en este contexto todas las preguntas que se pueden hacer sobre un algoritmo. Yo tenia tomar fotos de la recieta para servir de illustracion!

Pour n personnes, preparer n*25 g de chocolat a cuire, For n persons, gather n*25 g of chocolate Para n personas, junta n*25 g de chocolate,

et n+1 oeufs (et un peu de sel). and n+1 eggs (and a bit of salt). and n+1 huevos (y un poco de sal).

Separer les oeufs entre le blanc Separate the eggs between the white Separar los huevos entre la clara

et le jaune and the yolk of the eggs y la yema

pendant que le chocolat fond au bain marie. while melting the chocolate with bain marie. mientras el chocolate derrete en el baño maria.

Melanger le chocolat avec le jaune d'oeuf, un oeuf à la fois. Mix the melted chocolate with the yolk, one piece at a time. Mezclar el chocolate con la yema, un huevo a la vaz.

Battre les blancs d'oeufs avec un peu de sel jusqu'à ce qu'ils forment une montagne à l'aspect solide, et Beat the white of the eggs with a bit of salt till you can form solid mountains of it, and Mezcla la clara con un poco de sal hasta que fuerma una montaña con un aspecto bien solido, y

le mélanger lentement, une portion d'oeuf battu à la fois, avec le chocolat fondu. mix it slowly with the melted chocolate, a small piece of beaten white at a time, mezclarlo suevamente con el chocolate derretido, un pegacito de clara solida a la vez,

jusqu'à ce que tout le blanc soit incorporé et que le mélange soit homogène. till all the white is incorporated and the mix is homogeneous. hasta que todo la clara sea incorporada, y que la mezcla se ve homogeneia.

Laisser la mousse 3h au refrigerateur avant de decorer avec des fruits et servir. Leave 3h in the fridge and decorate with fruits. Enjoy! Deja el mousse 3h en el refrigerator antes de decorar con frutas y servir. Provecha!