A magical garbage truck =o)

I LOVE (rhe decoration of) this garbage truck. From a symbol of garbage and dirtyness, the colorful childish drawings transformed it into a symbol of ecology and cleanness : it's magic!


[Glass Engraving] CC3001 Prizes

[Poésie] Tu verras bien qu'un beau matin fatigué


Tu verras bien qu'un beau matin fatigué,
j'sortirai d'm'a maison énervé, he he he,
Tu verras bien qu'il n'y aura pas que moi,
Rageur, à lever les bras.

Tu verras bien qu'un beau matin fatigués,
On se levera tous un peu énervés, he he he,
Tu verras bien qu'il n'y aura pas que moi,
À dire ca suffit comme ça!


[Glass Etching] Prizes for the course of Pedagogical Animations

As previous years, I carved some glasses for my students and TAs of the course of Pedagogical animations. They liked them a lot! (And they said they liked the course too!)


[Thoughts] DPS

"I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life! To put to maul all that was not life. And not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived..."-- HDT, DPS

Watching it in a world without him is harder than ever =(



[Art] Murals

I love getting lost, I always find surprisingly beautiful stuff around =o)


[Art] TNT and the green flag

Some mornings I just feel like drawing something... And I realize only later via the comments if a neighbor that the flag is green as the ones from last week's march.

Sometimes a smile is just a smile, and a drawing is just a drawing!


[Parrots] Rainbow double nestbox

Lorenzo and Ela are accepting to share a nestbox when traveling, but not  at home (reminds me of P. and E. =o)), and I didn't have the room to put two nestboxes (three with the one of the lovebirds) in the corner with the least light from the hippodrome,  so I designed and realized a special double  nestbox, with removable wood panel separation (that I hope to later replace with a grid and then totally remove, to progressively remove territoriality?), and a new graphical design. They adopted it on the spot, even if there was some bickering about who got which room, which stabilised after two  days (Lorenzo get the blue  one, Ela the red one). 
I had the planks cut according to my design. 
Got lots of plastic caps from neighbours for the decoration (which serves also as  climbing holds, and beak sharpeners/toys) 
I designed two gatelocks (just in case). 
Lorenzo validated the design! 


[Parrots] Puzzle for Parrots

I did some puzzle to keep a parrot busy during the day. Let's if he gets to the peanut by lunch time! (He has plenty food elsewhere, but he likes those a lot.)


[Cooking] Compote de pommes

I brought many apples from the coast, expect some apple pie this weekend, and some apple compote in the mean time!


[Sport] First Roda de Capoiera

Yesterday I had my first roda of Capoiera!
There were much more people than I expected (over 30!), of many different levels, it was very friendly and interesting and beautiful =o)
Thanks Pedro for the invitation!

[Parrots] New nestbox for Daring and Prudence

[Parrots] Daring and Prudence love their transportation cage

[Parrots] Nestboxes

I made and decorated three large nestboxes!

I got a little bit of help from Lucho to cut the entry holes neat and regular, and I bought  the planks cut to the right dimensions, but I pretty much did (and designed!) everything else. It was some work but it was also a nice flow experience.

I hope that my "customers" will be happy with them =o)

[Cooking] Who wants to crunch numbers with me?

I am testing the new bitter chocolate that I found at a shop... Delicious, especially with added butter and almond powder to make praline!

I also made some spinach hummus and froze it as an experiment (to use as a pesto) : I did not try it yet, but it should not be so different from when I freeze pesto, and the color is very nice =o)