TNT crea en ti!

An ex-student invited me for dinner in his new apartment, along with two other students from his promotion with whom I got along.
So I did something he could use in his new kitchen and which would make him think kindly of me: a cutting board. The one I found at the supermarket had already some wood burning in it, the name of the brand: "krea". This made me want to etch "Crea en ti" (Believe in yourself in Spanish), and of course presented by TNT. But rather than writing it on a panel hold by TNT, I drew it this time on the tee-shirt. This probably will be seen as sexist by some, but it is so "cliche" that I hope to be forgiven, if only for the sake of the art!

Here are the intermediate stages, from the (almost) blank slate to the uncolored plank:


TNT Pirate and almost not chibi

Inspired by some artistic postcards, I gave a try to another style of drawing. I love the result, even though it's not too "chibi" any more, the eyes being smaller, the drawing almost "realistic". I will keep this style "on the side" for now, but it's good to know that I can come back to this style later!


TNT Patchwork

I did a patchwork of the TNT drawings I did so far: I like to see how the style evolved over time.

I also reorganized a bit the style of the blog too: I will stop translating by hand and let Google's plugin do it, and I added a mailing list (top right) for people who do not use RSS to register for updates.

TNT on large paper

I read somewhere that comic book artists draw in large format, and reduce at publication time, in order to show a better precision, while I was exactly doing the reverse, drawing small and expanding it later :/ I gave a try to draw on a larger paper, but I find it, if not more difficult, at least a different gesture. I think I will stick to the small format for single portraits, and maybe move to larger paper when/if I start drawing sceneries with multiple characters.


TNT and wise owl

I would like to draw some pedagogical comic strips with TNT, but I think I would need her to interact with another character, for one to teach the other. After trying to draw aliens (more on this later), I thought about trying an owl, symbol of wisdom. Here is a first sketch.



A small fan art to Slash, from Guns&Roses:

And here is the original sketch: