[Music] Jochen's concert

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I worked all Saturday with our guest Conrado. We made some progress, but on Sunday I really needed a break: Jochen suggested to go to the concert of his saxophone's teacher, in Guelph. Jochen was invited on stage among the other students. He played a standard, Doxy, and got congratulated by several parents in the room afterward. We agreed that I should bring my clarinet sometime, we would play together "Summertime", or "Baby Elephant Walk", which sound particularly well when we play together at my place. I was under the impression that in France most academician play of some musical instrument, while in Canada (or in the US) it is kind of rare. Maybe it has something to do with the greater pressure of the tenure-track and so on. I thought that it was due to the lack of musical education in primary and high-school, but stand corrected by Jochen: it seems that Canadian students have mandatory music lessons. His girl-friend taught in primary school here, he should know ;) Anyway, it was a good break, back to work this morning after uploading the pictures for Jochen: a long week is starting!
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