[Glass Etching] Prizes for "Educ" Track of "Torneo Universitario de Apps" (TUApp) 2015, in Valparaiso

I made 6 prizes for the "Educ" track of the "Torneo Universitario de Apps" (TUApp) which will occur in Valparaiso the 1,2 and 3rd of December.

I mostly designed on paper a Title, which I reproduced on each glass more or less identically, and personalized each glass with a distinct owl (symbol of wisdom and traditionally associated with educational projects, which I had drawn for my Video Classes project before the creation of Duo Lingo with a similar theme. You can see below the original design with a sharpie on the glasses, before etching:

And some close ups:

And some close ups once etched:

I hope that the students who will receive them (and the organizers who will deliver them) will appreciate!


[Red Noses] Trekking

Today I went trekking with the group "Somos Trekking"

At first I got late with my friend E:

I told E. that it would be a miracle if we managed to find back the group in the park, but then we found them, and they were a bunch of wonders:

We did some 10 kms of trekking, in a very nice parque Panul (close to metro Rojas Magellanes):

Thanks to Marco for organizing it!

(And the recipe for the brownies, that everybody asked me for, is at http://jyby.blogspot.cl/2012/09/lots-of-brownies.html)

[Cooking] Sunday morning 's crepes

I slept at a friend's place before going hiking, so I paid them back with crepes :)

I used my Android application "Clever Counter" to count the crepes:

Here you can see it better: just a counter, to count the crepes I did (and to correct if I made a mistake, and to reset the counter). Nothing fancy, but a nice illustration of my concept that everybody should learn to program simple things for oneself (a contrario of software engineers who must learn to program for others):

Anyway, it was fun doing crepes:

[Photos] Happy 6th Birthday Anniversary Nayive!

I went to the party for the 6th birthday anniversary of Nayive:

I had made a brownie that I decorated with Nayive (recipe here):

I took a lot of nice pictures of the children:

when they got their faces painted upon:

And of their parents:

and we had a lot of fun and red noses:

We ended up with a walk around the house: she was so tired that she got to ride on my shoulders for the whole promenade!

Happy 6th Birthday Anniversary Nayive!