[PostCard] The Blue Planet with the hairless apes.

When I take a taxi, almost invariably, the driver asks me: "Where are you from?". They know that I am a foreigner, they often guess from where, and that's their way to initiate a conversation, but that's also a common way for people in Chile to categorize the people they meet according to "where they are from". I started a few months ago to answer this question with a joke, which has had its little effect. I wrote it this morning on a postcard for a School in France, who requested postcards from all over the world (I left the address visible so that you can send them a postcard too!):

I translated it in English, French and Spanish here below for your benefit:

- Where are you from?

- I am from the blue planet. You know, the one with the hairless apes. And you, which planet are you from?

- Er... The same one?

- THE SAME PLANET? IT'S INCREDIBLE! You realize? With so many in the universe, we are FROM THE SAME PLANET?

- D'ou viens tu?

- Je viens de la planete bleue, celle avec les primates sans poils. Et toi, de quelle planete viens-tu?

- Euh.... La meme?

- LA MEME PLANETE? C'EST INCROYABLE! Tu te rends compte? Avec tant de planetes dans l'univers, on est de LA MEME PLANETE?

- De donde eres?

- De la planeta Azul. Sabes? La con los primates sin pelo? Y tu, de cual planeta eres?

- Err.... La misma?

- LA MISMA? QUE INCREIBLE! Te da cuenta? Con tan planetas en el universo, y somos de la MISMA PLANETA?

Let me know if you had success with it! :)
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