[Parrots] Puzzle for Parrots

I did some puzzle to keep a parrot busy during the day. Let's if he gets to the peanut by lunch time! (He has plenty food elsewhere, but he likes those a lot.)


[Cooking] Compote de pommes

I brought many apples from the coast, expect some apple pie this weekend, and some apple compote in the mean time!


[Sport] First Roda de Capoiera

Yesterday I had my first roda of Capoiera!
There were much more people than I expected (over 30!), of many different levels, it was very friendly and interesting and beautiful =o)
Thanks Pedro for the invitation!

[Parrots] New nestbox for Daring and Prudence

[Parrots] Daring and Prudence love their transportation cage

[Parrots] Nestboxes

I made and decorated three large nestboxes!

I got a little bit of help from Lucho to cut the entry holes neat and regular, and I bought  the planks cut to the right dimensions, but I pretty much did (and designed!) everything else. It was some work but it was also a nice flow experience.

I hope that my "customers" will be happy with them =o)

[Cooking] Who wants to crunch numbers with me?

I am testing the new bitter chocolate that I found at a shop... Delicious, especially with added butter and almond powder to make praline!

I also made some spinach hummus and froze it as an experiment (to use as a pesto) : I did not try it yet, but it should not be so different from when I freeze pesto, and the color is very nice =o)