Mountaining soon?

Wednesday an undergraduate student from the CS department accosted me in the metro and started to chat with me: I had taught him how to juggle at last year's barbecue (in September 2008), but we almost never talked since, and it was the first time any Chilean student came to talk to me like this. We discovered a common interest in hiking and mountaining, he promised to invite me in his group of students who regularly go out (I missed this weeck trip to Machu Pichu :( ) It is a breaktrhough: no prof here seems into this kind of thing, tourists who stay long enough are too poor and tourists that stay a short time are too busy doing otherthings, and the students I had befriended sofar were more into heavy-metal than anything else (including studies). I am quite hopeful about this, I was starting to fear that I turned into someone like one of the postdocs I knew in Waterloo, who was always negative about everything with everybody trying to befriend him: but at least this student seems to have a good opinion of me, it might just be that things are more slow socially here than in Canada.