The sun always shines above the clouds.

The sun always shines above the clouds.

The rains and the cries are as much a part of growth as the sun and the smiles.

At some point, the baby bird must leave the nest.

Truth may be bitter, but lies are sweet poison.


Prince Edwards Island, Canada

I am at a conference in Prince Edwards Island, working and socializing very hard, sleeping little. Salutations to Chile and France!


Fun at CCCG 2012

I am having a lot of fun at the conference CCCG 2012!



I am in Charlottetown, CA now. Trips are eventful in the US those days:
  • The bus from Corvallis to Portland was 2h late (same driver as two years ago)
  • The 7am plane from Portlant to NY was delayed to 9am, and left at 8:30
  • Arriving on NY, Obama was visiting the airport so we circled 10 more minutes
  • The 15:00 plane from NY to Charlotte town left 3h late, after
    asking if one passenger wanted to take the next flight because the
    plane was too heavy (nobody left, they found another way).
  • There was no taxi at the airport when I landed. A nice Canadian guy and his girlfriend took me to my hotel (thanks John!).
I had lunch downtown, and there was a show with traditional French songs for Children playing :)


Salutations from New York!

The landing was delayed by a few minutes because Barack Obama (yes, the US President) was visiting the airport... Not enough to put at risk my correspondence to Charlottetown. I missed the occasion to visit the city! ;)


I have had a lot of fun visiting Julien and Michelle in Portland!


[Travel] Fun in Corvallis

I am visiting Cora in Corvallis, Oregon

We went jumping on the trampoline with Anders and Nora, and they showed me their dragons, it was awesome!