[Teaching] Final Exam EI2001 "Animaciones Pedagogicas"

Today is the 15th anniversary of my PhD defense. I have done many things, dabbled in many area. I even quite a few good papers accepted, the latest to the Journal of the ACM. Maybe it's time to work on this habilitation thesis and to stop being an "assistant professor". Maybe that would get me more respect from some colleagues. (A voice in the back of my head is yelling: do not count on that!)

But today, I will be celebrating the final exam of my course of Pedagogical Animations with my students, with home made brownie and hand made engraved glasses for my Teaching Assistants and for the students!

The respect from my students is worth much more than that of any "University Professor". I wish I had both, but I would be much more unhappy with the respect of my colleagues without the respect of my students, than I am with the respect of my students without the respect of some of my colleagues. Thanks to the students, TAs, and colleagues Nicolás Badas, Manuel Olguin, Jorge Romo, Aleh Veraskouski, Alexander Golynski, Meng He, Rocío Esperanza Molina Silva, Reza Zadeh, Macarena Andrade Muñoz, Peyman Afshani, Mauricio Quezada, Arash Farzan, Francisco Claude-Faust, Edo Millacaris, Annie Lee, Carlos Ochoa, Ryan Berckmans, Diego Seco, Bernardo Aníbal Subercaseaux Roa, Daniel Crepu Mendez, Ariel Tello Fallau, Kasra Zokaei, Marcela Romero Cisterna, Gonzalo Flores Escobar, Yigo Kairos, Alberto Ordóñez, Carlos Gajardo Maureira, Alejandro Salinger, Bob Fraser, Juanjo Alegría Fuentes, Arturo Vial Arqueros, Tomás Lagos, Moisés Abraham Ordóñez Alarcón, Gloriajean Knight (Unicycle student extraordinaire!), Leydy-dee Dee, Eric Y. Chen, Leila Chinaei, Diego Arroyuelo, Fady Samuel, Olga Zorin and many others that I don't have on FB (or that I forgot to mention)!


[Pictures] Cerro San Cristobal y Boca y Nariz

As the day was nicer than usual, I accompanied Travis to the Cerro San Cristobal, were we met two nice Argentinian women, Agustina and Noelia, with whom we went to a nice restaurant called "Boca y Nariz". With such a name, we had to take some pictures with the red noses!


[Macacos] Evelyn, Benjamin and Nayive

I went to visit Macacos with Evelyn and her two children, Benjamin and Nayive.
They were deligthed!


[Criaderos Magellanes] Evelyn, Benjamin y Nayive

Last weekend I went to visit
Maitenes Pelayo, a breeding place for birds with Evelyn and her two children, Benjamin and Nayive.
I took many pictures!