Doctor Who 50th anniversary

I went religiously to the cinema yesterday to see the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who, and liked it.
And today I went to a gathering of Doctor Who fans in Santiago, and took some nice pictures:

TNT Workshop and Video

Here are pictures of the various states of the "TNT workshop" across the period I was drawing her, and a video compiling a few pictures:

The music is an excerpt from the song "Is it real" from Scott Matthew. Buy his albums!


TNT Explorator

A quick postcard for a little Canadian girl who took me to the zoo in her magical train on a rainy day :)



I bought a "chalumeau" to make "crème brûlée"...  Now to practice on various blends of sugar and spices, and to find" bergamote "...


Cinema: Gravity

I went to see the movie "Gravity" and I liked it.
I agree with the critics: many details are not so realistic (inertia, the lack of diapers) but it is still a very good SCIENCE fiction movie, I found it inspiring :)

TNT in red raincoat

A rainy TNT for a postcard testing my new sharpie pens :)


Back to Basket Ball

I found a place where to play pick-up basket ball. I liked it a lot! (my knee a bit less ;) )


TNT: Crea en ti Computin!

Another cutting board, with one of my favorite depiction of TNT, with a computer. I hope to use this drawing later for a book about the analysis of algorithms and data structures!