[Event] Champagne and Show Tunes!

Last Sunday I helped to organize an event called "Champagne and Show Tunes" to collect fund for the Tremonhue center with, guess what, some champagne:

some strawberries:

and some show tunes, with the great Holly Near and her as-great-or-even-greater pianist Jan:

I served as a waiter, the oficial photograph, and even a bit as a guest clarinetist:

I took many portraits that I liked (more soon on Tremonhue's website):

In particular, I "fell in love" with Ashley:

I taught how to engrave glasses to Ashley, Valentina and Mooshi:

A great fun was had for all (except for the strawberries!)

Google Photo even generated a short video (18s) based on those pictures, with a catchy tune :)