[Drawing] Penguin 200

One year ago I designed a new Tee-shirt for the hash, based on a running penguin. Fer made her own design for the celebration of the 200 th hash in May, with a happier penguin.
I liked it a lot and wanted to learn how to draw it : here are my tentatives. I am not there yet but I made some progress!


[Photos] Strangies

On my way running I found a strange stone face   ... 

And a natural pool. 
Running with Goldie is such a pleasure! 


[Art] Blood Flowers

I am invited for Brunch by Mary Judith Ress, the author of the book "Blood Flowers". I read a bit about her book: the perspective on the church and Latin America sounds interesting. I etched a glass for her:


[Art] Presents for Mery and Lucho

Mery and Lucho invited me for dinner, so I etches a glass for Lucho with the same drawing as the bandana that I gave to Mery to cover her shaved head, now that Autumn is here and that the temperatures are dropping. 
We had som Chilean specialities such as "humitas" (boiled mashed corn), a delicious  peanut sauce with bread, but what amazed me the most was the grapes and figs FROM THE GARDEN!  ;) 

[Photo ] Working hard in Algarrobo


[Art] Hush Bandana

I painted a Hush Penguin on a bandana:

I like it, but it is a bit too large to put in my hair: I will have to make another design, using less height, to be able to fold four times the bandana.

It works well to hide the face though ;)

I also have pending a mug that I want to etch with the same drawing: another day!


[Drawing] You are a star

There was a cartoonesque star drawn on the wall in the background of an episode of Dr Who that I watched this morning while exercising ("School reunion").

It made me want to draw simple geometric shapes with eyes, maybe to be used in a geometry lesson with TNT. And then I drew this star with self confidence issues on the ceramic wall of my kitchen :)


[Thoughts] Father.io virtual reality embedded shooter game.

I find this video, and the video game that it advertises, scary:

The people who will play this game will train to fight a partisan war separating "humans" from "evolved" (Google had/has a game with a similar theme, but with less real time action). It feels sometimes as if someone, somewhere, is trying to brain wash people to prepare for a real war... :( Maybe more realistically, probably, game companies are in a competition to whom will offer the best adrenaline rush to its player, and have naturally escalated to those war scenario.

It is not all bad: people playing those games will learn about working in team, collaborating, elaborating strategies. Games are no longer a "child" thing and it's a good thing: I wish people would get as much pleasure from and put as much energy into their daily actions as they put in their games. But games are not "just" for distraction, they never were, they are eminent tools of *education*. Beyond cooperation, people playing those games will train their brain to think in a partisan way, which will affect them when they vote in real life. It will train their brain to be specially aware of people standing at a corner in the street ("Danger!").

Fun is good. Video games can develop many skills, good and bad. We just need to be aware about which skills each game develop. This game is developing war skills in adolescents and adults. It's worrying.


[Friends] Game night

I invited some friends to eat some crêpes and to play some board games (Saboteur) and we had a lot of fun! The high point of the evening was J.  showing off his Harley Davidson and letting us take pictures with it =o)


[Job] First day of class

I survived the first day of class, the students seem happy and interactive. I am so happy I switched back to only two sessions and in the morning!


[Friends ] Vaishali

Oups, I did it again!

I might have (inadvertently?)  infected a young girl travelling to Corea. Now to see if pictures of people with red noses start pouring from there! 

[Sport] New Shoes

I bought myself two pairs of shoes, both kind of minimalist. I like both of them!

[Pictures] The dog Palace

I spent the weekend in Algarrobo, at the "Dog Palace": There are 11 dogs there! 

There is Tío :
Samantha :
Sadie :

Goldie :
Goldie is my favourite, she is so happy when I take her to run! 
A.  told me that the other dogs byte her when she acts crazily happy in  the "Dog palace". Hence she acts calm and conform to the attitude from the other dogs while inside, but she recerts to her explosive self when running outside, especially when running in the sand! 

[Cooking] Merken