[Drawing] Not Yet...

Sometimes my hand almost draws all by itself...


[Drawing] Optimist Hatty

Here is an optimist Hatty:

Makes me feel more optimist just to draw and to see him.



Stereophonics - Rainbows and Pots of Gold

Bottle head

I've been round; I've been up and down
And you missed the one we dressed like clowns
And I've grown a lot since we last spoke
Got myself together; fixed what was broke
I wonder if we'll talk again
Or drink together just like then.

J'ai bien voyagé; J'ai eu des hauts et des bas,
tu as manqué cette fois où l'on s'est déguisé en clowns!
Et j'ai bien grandi depuis la dernière fois qu'on a parlé
Je me suis reconstruit, j'ai réparé ce qui était cassé
Je me demande si l'on parlera encore,
si l'on prendra un verre comme avant.

Yo viaje mucho; tuve tiempos buenos y malos
no fuiste cuando nos disfracemos como payasos
y yo crecí mucho desde la ultima vez,
yo me reconstruí, repare lo que era roto
Me pregunto siempre si hablaremos otra vez
si beberemos juntos como antes....

(c) Stereophonics
Rainbows&Pots of Gold

[Drawing] Anhedonie

I learned a new word:
Anhedonie / Anhedonia.


[Drawing] Hatty

It's a pleasure to introduce a new character, answering to the name of "Hatty", a bit in honor to the "Mad Hatter". I hope that he will teach #algorithms and #data structures soon!