[Parrots] Rainbow double nestbox

Lorenzo and Ela are accepting to share a nestbox when traveling, but not  at home (reminds me of P. and E. =o)), and I didn't have the room to put two nestboxes (three with the one of the lovebirds) in the corner with the least light from the hippodrome,  so I designed and realized a special double  nestbox, with removable wood panel separation (that I hope to later replace with a grid and then totally remove, to progressively remove territoriality?), and a new graphical design. They adopted it on the spot, even if there was some bickering about who got which room, which stabilised after two  days (Lorenzo get the blue  one, Ela the red one). 
I had the planks cut according to my design. 
Got lots of plastic caps from neighbours for the decoration (which serves also as  climbing holds, and beak sharpeners/toys) 
I designed two gatelocks (just in case). 
Lorenzo validated the design! 


[Parrots] Puzzle for Parrots

I did some puzzle to keep a parrot busy during the day. Let's if he gets to the peanut by lunch time! (He has plenty food elsewhere, but he likes those a lot.)


[Cooking] Compote de pommes

I brought many apples from the coast, expect some apple pie this weekend, and some apple compote in the mean time!


[Sport] First Roda de Capoiera

Yesterday I had my first roda of Capoiera!
There were much more people than I expected (over 30!), of many different levels, it was very friendly and interesting and beautiful =o)
Thanks Pedro for the invitation!

[Parrots] New nestbox for Daring and Prudence