[Unicycle] Shopping at St Jacob's market

St Jacob's market is very nice, and not far. When driving a car, you are there in 7mns. A long time ago, I went there on Rollerblades, the road is not great (no sidewalks) and once inside you need shoes. Today I went there on the unicycle: it was a lot of fun!

The first thing is, I don't know what's the distance from my place, but it took me a while to come back, something like 45 mns. I wonder if this is good enough a reason to buy a new unicycle with a much larger wheel ;) The second thing is, because it is taking so much time to go there, it is not reasonable to buy meat, or at least not too much of it (which is a pity because the meat is much better there), nor fragile fruits. And last but not least, my carrier capacity is quite limited: I am not good enough on the unicycle to carry things other than in my backpack. I will try with a larger backpack next week, but then the weight might be too much for my balance!

Anyway it was a lot of fun, going to the market doing sport in the sun rather than in the car gives it a totally different spirit. It made me want to relax, and buy more small crappy things, like another CD of harmonica (the guy selling it was playing aver nice accordion), or such as those those 6 small dragons that I am supposed to attach to the laces of my shoes :)

This afternoon, I will drive to Conestoga to complete my shopping. I will also try to find those shoes with little wheel on the heal: children have it all over Waterloo now, and a friend told me that they should have the same for adults there now: I want a pair! And, to be able to take a picture of my new shoes, I will have a look and maybe buy a digital camera... We'll see!

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