[Thoughts] The thoughts on my window...

Two years ago, I bought for fun some special pens to draw on windows. It was a surprise for Mirela, when she came back from the university, to find Halloween drawings on all the windows :) When I moved to Waterloo, I found back those pens, and put them in my "toy chest" among the magnets, juggling stuff and various social games. I found it back a few monthes ago before leaving for Europe, and I used them to write various thoughts on the windows, for Mirela to think of me while I was away. Actually, it was so sunny that she always put the curtains on and didn't see them much :)) As I added another thought on the window, I thought that I could share them with you on the blog. Today's thought came after I read an article in the last issue of "National Geographic" about alternative source of energies. I guess that it came also from the science fiction book that I read late last night, "Manifold Origin":
EARTH is like an EGG, HUMANITY like a CHICK. When the ressources of the egg are exhausted, the chick gets out or die...
It is close in spirit (and in space: they are on adjacent windows!) from an older quote, that I copied from a book, I don't remember exactly which one:
If CIVILIZATION is to SURVIVE, It must live on the INTEREST, not the CAPITAL, of NATURE.
On the kitchen window, two other thoughts, the first one from a joyfull song from Jacques Higelin:
La MORT est le berceau de la VIE!!!
The second quote comes from my tortured mind:
I am 1/2 as inteligent as I would like to be, and 2* as stupid as I think I am.
I used to have an additional sentence to that thought, saying something as "But it doesn't make you more intelligent than me.", but my mother really hated this, saying that it was competition to stinking extreme. As I realized that she might be partially right, I removed it, it is much nicer without it. And anyway, only stupid people would understand this thought as an admission that I am stupid...
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