My parents left yesterday, with moult adventures, as a plane exploded in the airport while they were still waiting for their flight. Now they should be safe in France, but I am still waiting for them to call. Waiting, I read. I was reading "Histoire du Juif Errant", from Jean d'Ormesson, which is one of those great books which teach some notions of history or philosophy while still entertaining. Among the various concepts that this books raises in me is the notion that democracy might be the ultimate form of government for us as much as empires were for other people: just by lack of imagination and inertia of history. With a little bit of faith, the next form of government is yet to be imagined and implemented. To take a break from those huge considerations, I read overnight a book offered to me by Evelyne, my mother: "Ulik au pays du desordre amoureux", from Francois Lelord. I liked this book so much that I checked if it had been translated in English to offer it around me, and that I thought about offering it through amazon to a friend in Paris (heya Lara, send me your snail mail address!). Again a book which, while entertaining you with the story of a sympathetic character discovering occidental culture, shares some deep considerations about the balance of exchanges between men and women in society, and between man and woman in a couple. Too much reading and not enough work: it is time to earn my salary for today!
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