[Paranoia] Which continent to go?

I took the day off yesterday Monday, cleaning the apartment a bit (my family who currently visits me in Canada was visiting Toronto) and my mind a lot (I like to spend at least one day alone each month). I got some weird thoughts, and it is probably better to share them here than to let them invade my mind.
  • American ideological, military and economical supremacy is reaching an end, unless their opponents across the world get even worse. In any case, there will probably be a major economical crisis in the US in the next 30 years => I wouldn't want to be there when it will happen. Incidentally, the "war on terrorism" might be the puppet on which the American people is supposed to focus when the economic crisis is coming.
  • The Republican ideology is focused on the American supremacy, and seems willing to insure it at all costs, including killing officials of other governments and maybe spreading diseases. I truly believe that the so-called "mysterious" diseases appearing in China appear spontaneously in large density of agrarian population, but some more paranoiac than me might be ready to believe that they are released by an occult branch of the government of the US. After all, America was conquered by diseases as well as by guns. In any case, I wouldn't like to be in Asia in the incoming years: nations with high density of populations are more vulnerable to viruses, and whether they are voluntarily engineered by human or not, I am afraid that there will be a few in the incoming years.
  • I believe a little less in Democracy (with a capital D) every day. It seems that, like for antibiotics and viruses, new form of governments are efficient only for a while before new forms of corruption appear and take over. In the case of democracy, corporations have taken over. They are in blossom in the US and in Canada, and resistance in Europe seems futile: everybody around me seems to accept it as a law of nature rather than as a choice dutifully enforced by the various governments. I don't believe too much in anarchy either, but I would like to see a new form of government, immune to the various inhuman behaviors seen around. And I don't think there is much chance to see it appear on the old continent: the inertia of tradition is too heavy.
  • I didn't understand well if the concept of global warning, which now seems quite widely accepted, meant a global heating or a cooling down of the planet (which seem contradictory), but I heard recently an alternate interpretation: an increase of both the average temperature and of the range of temperatures. Which means more heat in summer and more cold in winter, conditions much harsher for both vegetables and animals. Naive humans might think that they can just plug the air conditioning or the heater according to the season, but they should think twice: First they would still need to grow their food in a harsher climate, and Second the processes used for cooling/heating might get things even worse. In any case, poor Africa which is already regularly plagued by drought and large variations of temperature seems a poor choice to establish its dynasty.
  • One of my colleague is planning to go on Sabbatical to Australia next year. I would like to visit her to see the southern side of earth. From what I see they are as gone as us in the corporation system, but who knows, they might be less embedded in history than us, and be still able to invent a new form of government. Plus, as they are far from everything, they will be less vulnerable to economic crisis and world wide diffusion of diseases. I don't know how the global warming will affect them, but historically they have been sensibilized to ecological problems (invasion of rabbits for instance).
Ouf! Enough paranoiac ideas, I need to focus on the bug(s) of my prototype of search engine today!
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