[Perso] Back from Europe, Leaving for the States

Ouf! I arrived from France yesterday evening. My flight from Air France was one hour late (it is getting an habit), Mirela was waiting for me at the airport and as there was some traffic jams on the way back she was one hour late for her audio-meeting with colleagues in Vancouver. Seeing Lara's blog (http://larashome.blogspot.com/) I decided to start my own. Creating an account, I was disappointed to find out that my login (jyby) was already taken, only to find out that I was the one to take it, when I decided to start my blog last month after seeing fefe's blog (http://elfefe.blogspot.com/)... It's incredibly good to be back home, but we are leaving this evening for Rochester in the States, where Mirela gives a talk tomorrow. After that we go for the WE to Virginia to visit Calin, Mirela's brother, and his family. I should be back on Monday, and put some pictures on JyBlog! Take care, all of you!
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