[Perso] Bck2Waterloo... for 2 days!

Back to Waterloo. We drove all day on Monday, taking turns on the wheel. Very nice driving, all in long stretches of ~100 miles, but I wouldn't do it too often: it is sooooo long (12 hours trip, with 2 hours of small breaks)! As we just arrived, I work a bit and I prepare to leave again: Theo and his friend Leon will arrive on Wednesday afternoon, and the four of us (with Mirela) leave on Thursday morning for an afternoon in Ottawa (6 hours drive) and a few days in Montreal (2 hours drive) before coming back on Sunday evening (7 hours drive). There we will visit Carole Elie, a friend who immigrated to Canada a few monthes ago. Maybe this time I will take the time to illuminate this blog with a few pictures! ++
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