Dictaphone Scripts on GitHub

I have been using for two years now the "Digital Music Player NWZ B163F" from Sony Corp. as a dictaphone. I carry it everywhere with me, record short ideas in it which I process at the end of the week, and sometime conversations with doctors and administrative people which I want to review later. I carry a spare one when I travel in case I lose mine and can't replace it before getting home. I love my dictaphone!

I find the most usefull when I practice sport: I don't know if it is the oxygenation of the brain or the boredness, but ideas rush to my mind when I run or swim or roller blade, all times where it's not very practical to stop and take notes. TO this effect I put one dictaphone in a plastic ziplock bag which I keep on the side of the swimming pool, to record the ideas that come to me while swimming.

Along the months I developped some scripts in Perl to help me process those audionotes, which sources and wiki are kept on a git-hub. Feel free to contribute!

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