[Visit] Laughs and Mug

I had a guest during the two last weeks and it was a lot of fun.

It was the occasion for me to visit again some landmarks from Santiago which I neglected in the last years, such as the "mercado artisanal Los Dominicos", or the statue of the Virgin on the top of the "Cerro San Cristobal":

I was kind of planning to etch some drawing for her, but had not gotten the time for it during the two weeks. Yet on the day she left, a minor earthquake woke me up at 4:30 in the morning. I did not go to sleep and etched this below instead, to bring it to her hotel at 9am:

The text etched on the mug states "WORRYING does not take away TOMORROW'S TROUBLE, it takes away TODAY'S PEACE", which she had spotted in one of my drawing. She liked the mug a lot!

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