TNT crea en ti!

An ex-student invited me for dinner in his new apartment, along with two other students from his promotion with whom I got along.
So I did something he could use in his new kitchen and which would make him think kindly of me: a cutting board. The one I found at the supermarket had already some wood burning in it, the name of the brand: "krea". This made me want to etch "Crea en ti" (Believe in yourself in Spanish), and of course presented by TNT. But rather than writing it on a panel hold by TNT, I drew it this time on the tee-shirt. This probably will be seen as sexist by some, but it is so "cliche" that I hope to be forgiven, if only for the sake of the art!

Here are the intermediate stages, from the (almost) blank slate to the uncolored plank:
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