[Photos] Final of ONG Artes para la Vida

Yesterday was the final of a taller from the ONG "Artes para la Vida" (Art for Life) at the circus tent where I have been helping a bit.

The event starting with a short discourse from Geraldine, the Physical Education professor who directs the children:

It was followed by a longer discourse from Juan-Francisco, the "manager" of the tent, who highlighted how long he has been doing that and how his former students come back to help him:

The room was full, with all the parents and many friends of the circus attending:

The numbers spanned a large variety of circus arts,

buggy jumpy:

Hand to Hand:

Rola Bola:



The final, with Nayalin raising to the sky as a resurrected Tinker Bell, was the culmination of the show:

The lights and music were amazing up to the final salute, congratulations to the team of sound and light technicians:

It was an amazing show. My apologies to the participants if I was a bit lethargic: they know that it was a long day and I think I got some sunstroke during the day :/
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