[Photos] Closing Event of TUApp 2015

The last two days were the closing event of the "Torneo Universitario de Applicaciones" (TUApp) 2015, which I was co-organizing as "academic coordinator", and where I was funding  the track "Education", participating as a jury member, and as the supporting professor for the team of my university (the other professor, who supported the team by allowing them to take his course for credit without coming to class, said he was "too busy" to come to the event), and in general doing much things with nothing to do with all those titles, such as handing out name tags and running everywhere to make sure that nobody got lost (a colleague professor thought himself clever enough to ask me to bring him a coffee while I was running everywhere :/).

Here are some pictures:

My students from the university of Chile, with their project "OJO Fech", part of the bigger project "Escudo Fech":

A group of students from various teams, at the happy hour event:

The two teams from Brazil, who asked for a picture with me WITH THE RED NOSES ;)

Here are the prizes which were awarded:
  • Honorable Mention: Entregamos, UFPSO (Columbia);
  • Honorable Mention: City Fest, Arturo Pratt (Chile);
  • Education: Info PSU High School Tomas Moro (Chile);
  • Banco Santander: All+, Incacap (Chile);
  • Microsoft: 0Q, Instituto Frederico Santa Maria (Chile);
  • Third Prize: Lense, Pontificada Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso (Chile);
  • Second Prize: Get Fun with Death, High School UP (Mexico);
  • First Prize: OE, USACH (Chile).
I awarded the Education Prize (I posted the pictures of the prize in a previous blog post) and the Third Prize (a mix of programmable toys including a drone): both projects were about education (Info PSU about the entry exam for universities, and Lense about teaching Sign Language):

I used my own Java application to time the talks: each group had only 3 mns to present their application in a document camera, after the 30s video presenting the objective of their project (you can see on the bottom right of the picture below):

Many thanks to the extra-competent system administrator Sebastian, to the extra efficient manager Tamara, and to the extra-nice photograph of the event, Rocio!
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