[Travel] I am going on a trip to US/Canada!

I am leaving today for a long trip. Time to post this old picture of the moon over Santiago!

I had a few minor last minute emergencies, I am so proud that I dealt with them calmly and efficiently!

An acceptation to a journal arrived, which needed some minor corrections within the next month, when I will be away for all that time: I did it in a few hours.

I was announced 142 students registered to my workshop of Android programming, when I was expecting 30 with a limit of 60: it took only a few conversations and emails to change it to 3 modules of 40 people, which will still insure some selection but not reject more than half the people interested!

I discovered that I needed to give a remedial exam to one single student! I composed the exam using my super database of solved problems in 30mns, the student will take it this morning 9:00-12:00, I will mark it 13:00-14:00, go home, check my luggage 15:00-16:00 and jump in the cab at 16:00 to go to the airport.

Not quite Indiana Jones, yet the adventurous academic life!

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