Skiing in Chile

I went skiing for the first time in Chile, after 4 years living in Chile. I had not gone to the snow for more than 5 years, and did not ski for some 10 years (I went snow boarding while in Canada), so I was a bit worried but I did more than fine: I guess that one does not forget this kind of thing, and that snowboarding, unicycling, rollerblading and the like do help! I took some red tracks without fuss, and given more time I would have tried one of the black ones.

At the end I got stuck at a lower point than where the car was parked, after the machines stopped. A snowbike came to fetch an attendant and, seeing me stranded, came back empty to fetch me, so I got to ride a snow bike for the very first time!

I spent a delightful day, thanks to Flora for inviting me!
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