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Last WE was memorial day in Santiago, during which many official places were open for the public to visit, and many museums were free. Hence I woke up early on Sunday morning to be among the first ones in queue at 8:30 to visit "La Moneda", the government palace.
Ministerio del Interior
The most notable part was the ministry of interior. There stood two real paintings of the balcony of the palace, one from before September 11 1973 with the president Allende standing, one from after the bombing by the US and the supposed suicide of Allende. I guess the idea is to remind the government to protect the country against another similar attack.
From there I went to visit some other museums, and in particular a museum of war. It was quite complete, with highlights from the US about Vietnam, and from first and second world war in Europe. What amazed me the most were the army people lending weapons to children, toys but truly realistic, and teaching them how to use them. Again, I found myself guessing that it's for recruiting, although it could just be to keep the children busy while the parent visit the museum ;)
Young RecruitsYoung RecruitsYoung Recruits
Young RecruitsYoung Recruits
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