[Drawing] On changera tout...

P made a video for J's birthday anniversary, based on a song named "Pleure pas Boulou" ("Don't you cry Boulou", where "Boulou" is an affective term for an older kid to address a younger one), where two kids on the  street discuss their (non and mis) understanding of the adult world. 

The song is very nice (and the new jazzy/gypsy  interpretation at once refreshing and appropriate), and the chorus is catchy (if a bit sad), with a simple melody 'la, la, la, pleure pas Loulou; la, la, la, on changera tout...' ("here, here, here, don't you cry so much; here, here, here,  we will change all..."). With family pictures appearing at key moments, it did bring out a few tears! 

It also brought regrets that my music group with P and G disbanded after only a few months of good fun: there  are so many musics and song that I would like to revisit and record. I could (will!)  buy myself a remix kit and play all tracks by myself as I used to, but it's not as fun as when I play with others. 

In the meantime, it inspired me today's drawing on my kitchen wall, someone in an Guy Fawkes mask singing the second part of the chorus, an image which somehow seems in accordance to the various uses of the mask in cinema and among activists... 

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