[Drawing] Mental Edition

When I feel exhausted, I do feel as if I wanted the whole world to end, or at least my perception of it, in a word, as if I want to die. One night of good sleep and I feel better, but that is if I remember to take a good night of sleep, and an easy morning drawing or playing music or reading. I have one trick to remind me of this: I mentally edit "I want to die" (in Spanish "Quiero morir", in French "Je veux mourir") by "I want to sleep" (in Spanish "Quiero dormir", in French "Je veux dormir"). What helps is that it rhymes both in French and in Spanish (not so much in English).

That motivated the following drawing, titled "Mental Edition":

After making this drawing I realized that I was trying to do my usual work while trying at the same time to advance a big extension project of which the main person, supposed to work half-time on it, resigned: I was trying to work some 66h per week! No wonder that I felt that I was not properly taking care of my PhD students, delegating too much of my teaching to my teaching assistants, not spending enough time and thinking on my research and not even advancing properly the extension project! Just knowing why I was feeling so tired and inefficient at the same time made me feel better ;)
And the process to hire people to whom to delegate most of the administrative tasks is reaching its end, so I will feel less overwhelmed in a few weeks!

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