[Art] Gigantic Glass for Renzo

Renzo was my Teaching Assistant for the course about "Pedagogical Animations", and got so involved in it (and in other projects where I was involved but not leading) that it affected his academic performance, to the point that he had to change department, and to "cut down" on extra-academic projects for a while.
Several times in the past he (apologized for this "cut back" and) manifested his gratitude (he offered me the first gold medal that he won in a swimming competition). A few months ago he announced that he would graduate soon, and commented that he had lost the glass that I had etched for him when he was a TA.
Last week he invited me to his graduation ceremony, which is this afternoon. It was hard finding both the time and a glass that I liked, but I finally did and etched this gigantic one (it is actually a jar ;)) with a victorious penguin on it, and I will bring my tools the event in the hope that others of his friends will want to sign it too!

The initial design:

The implementation:

The final version once signed by everybody, and used to drink champagne :)

Many thanks to Renzo for inviting me, and to all his friend for organizing the graduation party!!!
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