[Thoughts] Super Smart Heroes in hiding

Do you have a voice in you which says something like 

“you suck at everything and you don’t deserve to be here and nobody likes you because you suck. Boy do you suck. You are the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked.”?

Will Wheaton has a voice which says exactly that, and he talked about it at a Mensa convention:

(The transcript is available at

While not really a fan of Wheaton (but then, my view of him is probably biased by his character on the TV show "Big Bang Theory"), I really liked his text. Beyond the parts about depression, I liked even more the part about his apocalyptic vision of smart nerds surging as heroes:

You are the superheroes we need. But the world doesn’t know it yet. But they will. And something cataclysmic will occur, and the world will cry out, “who will save us?” And I need you to be ready to burst out of the crowd, rip open your shirt to expose your true identity and say proudly, “I’m ready! I am the SUPERHERO YOU NEED!”

I don't know for you, but I have already been preparing for this day ;)

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