[Thoughts] War is coming

War is coming.

Trouble is coming, in the shape of abrupt climate change, in the shape of a new technological revolution causing massive unemployment, in the shape of overpopulation, whatever. There are people who see the trouble coming, who can see the solution, and who prepare for the two historical ways to reduce population, war and disease, maybe combined into a single solution.

They are better. They congratulate themselves on having bred a new race of humans, more clever and more healthy: they have become so superior to "the others". Maybe they forgot that others before them had this dream, or maybe they find it justified to take their turn at the oppressing game, or maybe they just think that this times it's different because it's true. Or maybe they just know that those had only borrowed their dream, and badly implemented it.

They have every reason to win. They have developed robots to patrol their borders. They have armed drones, built in robotic factories, along with everything they need, they won't need "the others" anymore. But what after they win? What kind of victory will it be, to iterate endlessly through those cycles of violence and suffering? Because, if they win and continue as by this long tradition that they are so keen to preserve and to protect, why would not they grow again, and get into trouble again?

Would not it be better to break this cycle and to find, now and here, a balance, a sustainable way of life?
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